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Last update: 13-10-2015
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Name: Virgoperidot Date: 19-10-2008 17:33

I gots to show my madd supa mad love to shakinit...

P.S. you guys rock...

just goota add about April contest lmao! hah when is it hahhaah
Name: Mr Happy Date: 30-5-2008 17:52

i loooooove this place!!!!! :D
Name: jasong9800 Date: 15-5-2008 11:08

lmao@ marcia's comment ;)
Name: Marcia Date: 3-4-2008 11:48

exactly when in April will you be hosting the next booty contest and is there any nudity allowed. Cause I got fat pussy lips that will make sure I am a winner...
Name: blair Date: 25-3-2008 18:48

can you guys put me back in the video section? my videos are on cuz i got deleted off of youtube
Name: shakinitFAN Date: 7-3-2008 04:11

i love this website and its competitions
Name: Date: 21-2-2008 08:09

Great job!
Name: admin Date: 21-2-2008 08:08

Hola :D
I guess this is our first official comment? :P

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